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Don’t leave marketing to chance, or to the occasional attention of employee loaded with other duties. Here’s an opportunity to secure services of  a professional marketer by subscription as many days per month as needed.


Terry Duschinski started and operated personal training studios in three cities, building clientele from scratch, and has worked in marketing at Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries, MedX, and Pulse Centers.

If You Can’t Answer These, We Can Help

1. How many online searches in your local area each month for therapy related to Fibromyalgia, Peripheral Neuropathy, or other chronic diseases?
2. How many new unique visitors to your website last month?
3. From where did your website visitors come?
4. How many “likes” or “shares” of your social media posts last month?
5. What percentage of your website visitors log on using a smartphone, as opposed to those on a computer?
6. How many video testimonials did you add to your site and on your social media last month?
7. Have you made postcard mailings to affluent neighborhoods within 10 miles of your office?

Anything less than precise answers indicates that you’re running the air conditioning with the doors and windows open. Not literally, of course (we hope) but from a marketing standpoint, you’re squelching your return on investment. Check the “Steps 2 Success” on this site to get a better idea of the possibilities.

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