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1. Excellence Essentials

The Checklist of Items to Address

If you’re trying to either launch or bolster your PEMF therapy and/or PEMF-based wellness program, there are 4 infrastructure items that need to be in place, and then on an ongoing basis about 8 items– or at least 5 of the 8 — you need to execute on a regular basis.

If you fail to address these, you’ll have to live with low volume or low price for your PEMF treatments. This site is dedicating to helping you help as many people as possible address their health and wellness concerns at the root level – and not just manage symptoms.

The infrastructure consists of the following:

A website that provides prominent promotion of PEMF, getting top billing on your home page and at least one or two inside pages devoted exclusively to its merits.

Burying it in among other therapeutic modalities will keep it buried in the minds of your prospects.

You may want to institute a separate satellite website exclusively for the service.

Exclusivity for PEMF should also be provided on Facebook.

You need signage and/or posters in your office so that every visitor is fully aware and you need video recording tools for harvesting testimonials.

The minimal tool would be a tripod with a smartphone attachment, probably a $35 investment. Much better yet would be a higher-grade tripod in the area of $150, and a video camera that’s at least 500 and probably one more like $1,200.


You might also invest $100 in lights and a clean backdrop.

We’ll talk more about this when we cover testimonials, but the point is to make the client look good in video. This will make them willing to share it on their own social media channels, and others will not be fearful of how you might make them look on video.

With these items in place, here’s a pecking order of ongoing advertising and promotional strategies:

  • An email blast to current and former patients
  • A postcard mailing to current and former patients you could not reach by email.
  • Set up your video area and collect testimonials regularly
  • Post shortened video testimonials on Facebook and Twitter
  • Initiate pay-per-click search advertising by the three to six key chronic medical conditions for which traditional medicine offers little hope.
  • Evaluate and consider using the postal service’s low-cost Every Door Direct Mail for oversize postcard mailings
  • Evaluate and consider local media, both print and radio

Each of these is covered in more detail page-by-page of this website which you should find to be an effective marketing seminar. Of course we hope you’ll see the usefulness of contracting our service on a two-day-per month basis for the ongoing efforts that also include results analysis reports.