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10. Masterful Marketing

Let's Work Together

Now it’s time to put this jigsaw puzzle together. Or maybe it’s a Rubik’s Cube.

When I started my personal training studios in 1987, advertising and promotion were about the level of a single-engine prop plane. Today you step into the cockpit of a jumbo jet and scratch your head at all the controls, gauges, levers and dials.

Being doctor is difficult enough. When it comes to marketing, you can come fly with me.

Two Days Per Month

Our first installment in this series listed 4 infrastructure items and 8 ongoing initiatives. Infrastructure upgrades, if needed, require a customized cost estimate based upon an agreed scope of work. So those need to be dealt with individually.

Ongoing marketing duties could/should include most if not all of the following:

  • Managing pay per click campaigns
  • Designing PPC WordPress landing pages (or PDF for other platforms).
  • Setting up and managing retargeting of website visitors.
  • Managing Facebook and Twitter advertising.
  • Providing monthly website statistical data.
  • Developing email blasts or other print or electronic advertising.
  • Soliciting patient testimonials by email or phone, if the office fails to collect them.
  • Editing video, if needed.
  • Posting to Youtube with transcripts for enhanced search standing.
  • Set up and possibly host webinars.
  • Patient collateral marketing material development.


Other marketing duties as assigned, possibly even blog writing.

That type of buffet requires at least two dedicated days per month, something like every second and fourth Tuesday.

So to work together, we’d agree upon the daily rate and keep a running task list. On the days I’m exclusively devoted to your practice, I’m on duty four hours in the morning and another four in the afternoon. We’ll be in touch by phone, email, or preferably Skype.

Daily Rate

The daily rate for the first 10 customers is $300 per day, thus $600 for two days per month. With customer 11, the price goes to $350 per day.

Infrastructure projects bill at roughly the same rate, although some — such as a website development — will be priced by the project, and scheduled for quickest possible completion.

Make it Engaging

You notice that this website features video of everything along with a transcript. This is so you can read, watch or listen. The layout is none too creative but with so many people accessing via smartphone you have to keep it simple. The creativity is in the visuals inside the videos. Hope you found it engaging and if so — we should do the same for your website, at least the major portions of it.

Just three questions left:

  • What interests you?
  • What concerns you?
  • Ready to ignite?