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3. Worthwhile Website

Make a Big Deal of PEMF


You do it too! You check out everything that interests you online before chancing an in-person visit. But a good website does more than provide a sneak peak and first impression. Those components are critical, but if you bypass the ability to interact you’re failing to fully utilize the technology. What can you offer for free that makes it worth giving you my email address, and probably my name?

  • At-home Exercise Guide to strengthen your lower back
  • The Five Foods that Inflame Fibromyalgia
  • Lose 3 Inches off Your Waist in the Next Six Weeks – A Simple Program
  • Sign Up for Family Spinal Adjustments 2-for-one offer
  • Recipe Secrets of Professional Dancers and Models

If you truly do produce a newsletter, wellness advisory or some regular communication piece that’s your offer. Health questionnaires, health-risk appraisals also work. The email addresses you collect will multiply. This is because Facebook and perhaps some other social media platforms can take a list you supply, analyze the addresses that match those in their own database, and expand your list with those who match the demographic DNA. Although it would be a spam infraction to email them, you can contact this larger list via Facebook, or whatever platform supplies the list.

Tracking Visitors

Your website also dispenses cookies and tracking pixels. Even if a visitor resists your seductive email submission efforts, you can follow them around the Internet and pop your advertisement in front of them through what Google calls retargeting or re-marketing, an option of its Adwords program. A website’s data-collection capabilities enables you to measure effectiveness of most of your marketing initiatives – since all of them should be designed to drive prospects to your website, the epicenter of your marketing efforts. Examine your website, asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is it obvious to any visitor that PEMF triggers the body’s self-healing mechanisms that readily affect just about every chronic condition?
  • Do they realize PEMF is a painless, passive modality that through bio-cellular stimulation produces effects similar to physical exercise?

Inadequate answers to these key questions indicate profound shortcomings of your marketing program.