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5. Door-to-Door Direct

Postal Service Can Help You Pick Affluent Neighborhoods

Particularly if you haven’t stockpiled names and addresses, the best shotgun-type mailing is EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail.

In olden days, we knew this as carrier route mailing. This is a delivery to every address on a specified postal delivery route. In this program the US Postal Service provides neighborhood online maps with demographic data such as household age and income averages for the route as a whole – not by individual address.

So the targeting here can’t be for specific conditions but to nearby affluent neighborhoods at a reduced postage cost.

Easy Web Access

If this were an email, getting your prospect to your website would require only a click on a link. How do you make it easy for your offline prospect to reach your site?


Providing a short, memorable URL certainly helps, but you should also use a quick response, QR code. They can zap it with the scanner app on their phone and then be just a click away.

Specific, Relevant Landing Page

Time is precious. If you’ve mailed a card related to a specific condition, provide a link directly to expansion of that information. Do not send anyone to your home page and make them try to fish it out of your navigational links.

You can also make what are termed Personalized URLs, where the person again sees their name and thinks they’re the only one in the world receiving this message. But we won’t explain that here.

Relevancy is a concept Google demands in its pay-per-click advertising, and while this is not a Google project, the concept is equally valid.

If you’ve attracted some interest, drive it home; don’t give the person an excuse to abandon our overture.

Landing pages, with relevancy and a strong call to action, are the bedrock of a marketing program.