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8. Sensible Social

Image is Everything

Almost three-quarters of Americans visit Facebook every day. Unfortunately, very few are logging on in breathless anticipation of your favorite quinoa recipe.

Social Media has become the junkyard of cheapskates in search of name recognition. Sorry, I had to say it. Don’t post just anything, make it something that enhances your image or, in the trendy lexicon of today, make it something that builds your brand.

You realize that your Facebook posts are seen by few of your followers or likers, don’t you? But for about $50, you can get into the newsfeed of thousands in your area who meet the criteria you specify. That’s by means of either a boosted post, or an advertisement off to the side.

Twitter puts your message out to every follower but anyone who tries to catch all their tweets is probably living rent-free in his or her mother’s basement.

What to do?

Post or tweet judiciously. If you’ve got an app that serves multiple social media platforms, then include Snapchat, Instagram, Google Plus, and whatever else is along for the ride.

Timeout for an important disclaimer.

There’s nothing magically different about the use of various social media platforms. If I’m a player on the New York Jets and I’m traded to the Minnesota Vikings, I have to learn the Vikings playbook. But it’s still blocking, tackling, running, throwing, catching and the various elements of football.

Social media is advertising, albeit a subtle form. You want to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. The mechanisms of execution vary, some advanced feature may be available on one and not others, so you’ll have to learn the playbooks of each. But the basics are still the same.

Before this becomes a rant, let’s sanitize your social media strategy.

  • Use short video clips whenever possible, with a “learn more at yourwebiste.com” call to action.
  • One- to two-line video testimonials are best; a longer version can be on your website.
  • Feel free to craft a short worded message, such as “a patient told me today ‘PEMF makes them feel more energized than anytime in the last 20 years.’ Why don’t we see how PEMF effects your energy level!”
  • Except in very rare instances, every post or tweet should link to your website.
  • Restrict yourself to the topics of your expertise, or quote an expert on the topic.
  • Post congratulatory remarks on your patients’ timeline or newsfeed.
  • If you see an interesting article on another website, instead of linking to it rewrite it and/or report about it in your blog.
  • Promote your blog, vlog and webinars on social media.
  • Be an encourager.
  • Don’t forget that it’s a ‘pay to play’ scheme, so pony up for boosted posts and ads.

I would advise investing in social media only about a quarter of what you budget on pay-per-click search ads. As I mentioned earlier, social media will create awareness and some will swirl down your funnel when their health eventually requires your service, but someone searching to alleviate one of the chronic conditions PEMF so dramatically effects will be contacting you immediately.